Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Soap Reviews


Happy 2014! New Year and New Blog.

We live in a age of technology.  New technology is coming out every few months.  Some of it is great, and some no so great.  One thing holds true for everything new that comes out:  it cost a lot of money.

if you're liking you want to know before you buy: is this worth my money?   Of course, every single piece of advertisement is designed to make you think is the answer to this question is a resounding YES!   and if you have recently bought a phone computer or any other gadgets, then you'll know this is not always the case. 

Since I buy a lot of gadgets  and I'm usually not in a hurry to fall in love with them.  usually when I buy something,  for the first week or so I like to try out as many of the new features is possible.   It is usually after this series of tests, did I decide whether or not I'm going to keep this particular item.  And I must say returning about a quarter of the things that I buy.

very often, my buddies who know my habits,  will send me an email asking me what I thought about articular item. Since my new years resolution was share my thoughts with more than just my friends, I decided to start a blog.

Being a physician training,  I write a lot of SOAP notes.   so, I will write my reviews in the form of SOAP notes. Hence the name of this blog.
S: What I got out of the advertisements
O: How I evaluated the product
A: My thoughts of the product
P: What I plan to do with it.

I hope you like my reviews, and they help you make appropriate decisions and save some time. Should you have any questions feel free to comment.


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