Friday, January 3, 2014



S: It is advertised as both a streaming and a DVD/Blu ray rental service.

O: Generally, I tend to stay away from services better subscription based.given that I don't watch too many movies, I was late coming to Netflix. I wasn't I buy there one free month to try to service. I was bored during the winter break, and there was nothing else left on Hulu free. So, I decided to sign up for Netflix. Originally I signed up for just a streaming service. Although, it had many  the TV shows  that I liked.  It's selection of movies that were available to be streamed was limited. Most of the popular movies that I wanted to watch, we're not available to be streamed. Initially, I must say I was a little disappointed. In order to watch the movies that I had really wanted, I decided to give the DVD service a try and signed up.

After signing up, I made my queue of DVDs that I had wanted. 2 days later,  I noticed on the website that they had ship to DVD to me. What I also noticed was that, that the shipped DVD was not number one on my list.  Anyways, I watched that movie, & I returned it.

The DVD was picked up by the mail-person from my mailbox on late afternoon Thursday, end on Friday morning I noticed does Netflix had already at acknowledged the receipt of it and whispering to send me another DVD.  I was impressed that quick turn around.  Again, the DVD  that was being shipped to me was not number 1 on my list.

after playing around a little bit, I was able to talk my Netflix with my Blu ray player.  This made streaming really easy.

What I liked most about Netflix was their apparent dedication to customer service. Unlike most subscription services, they have the option of canceling the subscription online. Additionally, there contact phone number was easy to locate and they also gave an estimated wait time. I'll admit that I never had to call them so I never verified the veracity of the estimate wait time or the quality a customer service personnel on the phone. 

A: I would say that Netflix service is easy to use delivers what is advertised.  Although I'm not sure how to determine which DVD to mail you, I have suspicion that this may have to do with availability of the discs.

Bottom line: Well worth the price, delivers what's promised, and easy to use. There are very few websites give you the option to cancel subscription so easily. Since, Netflix offers this, I have a lot of respect for them as a company, and how they do business. For that alone, I'll recommend them.

It given the the flexibility to pick the plan that matches your needs starting from as low as $4.99

P: I'll keep it. May even upgrade to the 2 Blu rays at one time, it fits my schedule better. It'll allow me to order both and watch them in the same weekend.

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