Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Google Chromecast

Google: Chromecast

(Image courtesy of EricaJoy Wikimedia commons)

S: From their advertisements it appears as if you're trying to make Google Chromecast look like the seamless bridge between your computing devices and your television.


- What Chromecast did well:

  1. Set up was easy and straight forward.
  2. Able to play Netflix and Youtube videos easily on my TV. I could turn off the app on my computing device after setting it up.
  3. Played online videos from other sites, but I had to leave my chrome running on my computer.

- What it did poorly or failed to do:

  1. Failed to mirror my desktop onto my TV properly, some application did not mirror properly.
  2. Failed to mirror DVDs playing on my computer to my TV

O:All in all, it mainly allows you to play Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube on your TV.  Although it does them well, it is not unique in doing them. There are plenty of DVD/Blu ray players that do the same. it's only new feature,  the ability to mirror your desktop on to your TV is still listed as experimental.

I don't think that Google chromecast add anything to your television viewing experience that may not be fulfilled by other Electronics that you mat already own.  think its worth paying $35 when you can buy a Blu ray player for a little bit more day does almost everything that Google chromecast does plus plays DVDs and Blu ray.

This is not even a new idea,  there are other devices that do the same.  so, I think chromecast is a ploy take a share the market without adding anything new.

P: It's a great device, if you only plan to watch YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu Plus videos.  Even from Netflix common a good movies are on the DVD program and cannot be streamed. you also cannot use free Hulu on chromecast, you must use Hulu Plus.

I recommend this device only for the people who are pretty certain that they can get their entertainment needs met within the limitations of this device. For most people, I would say skip and wait for the version 2.0

Given its limitations, lack of innovation, and price tag, I decided to return a mine in 4 days.

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